The White Arrow.

Client: RATH Gruppe
Designs for Vectron, Smartron, TRAXX and EuroDual.

Five blue Vectron locomotives, the flagships of German railfreight operator RTB Cargo. RTB Cargo is straightforward and reliable, Railcolor added a touch of dynamic. Plus, Railcolor made it possible that each machine could still have its own theme, without breaking the ranks.


The white arrow is a new visual element to be used on all RATH Gruppe rolling stock. It is straightforward, fast, powerful. Use the arrow, and you can create an endless number of variations.

This visual structure was very much needed, each locomotive comes with a collection of different logos - the group, the operator, sister companies, other steake holders, all need their place in the design. Plus, RTB Cargo wanted to give each locomotive its own theme:


The end result is an uniform fleet, yet with a high degree of design freedom to point out special themes: One machine is looking for new drivers, the other one depicts all the different branches within the organization. The latest creation you see below: a line-up of all historically relevant train types of RTB Cargo and its predecessors:


Locomotive 193 791, 792 and 793 connect the Netherlands with various Central European countries via Germany and Austria. Locomotive 564 and 565 arrived in 2021 and can also enter Belgium.

Follow-up projects

Meanwhile, the number of projects for RATH / RTB Cargo has grown steadily:


The Euro 9000 era

Since 2023, Railcolor Design has been outshopping four different designs for ELP Euro 9000 electrics—New 9 MW locomotives hired to RTB Cargo. 

'Krefti' commemorates a colleague - 'Comic', 'Energy', and a fourth machine brings popular design themes among RTB Cargo's personnel to the rails:


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