The 6-axled Beast

for Rail Force One

Designing for a Revolution

Client: Rail Innovators Group
Project: RFO EuroDual 2020

Locomotive: Stadler Rail EuroDual

A little fun must be, it is a nice way to get attention. In 2019 Rail Force One surprised the European railway business with 'Sharky' - that locomotive with an appetite. Serious appetite. Because Rail Force One is expanding and is not afraid to make big steps.

In 2022 the company will add one of the most powerful locomotives in the world to its fleet. A big step that requires a bold design, created by Railcolor:


'Nose art' is a well-known phenomenon in the aircraft world. Translate a shark nose to a locomotive and 'sharky' was born. The design delivered instant recognizability of the Rail Force One brand throughout Europe. 


Below a classic 'making of'. With specilized adhesives designs such as the Shark are being created. Anti-graffiti, durable, colorful:

A very different locomotive, a very different exterior design, yet recognizable. We create designs that are flexible and versatile, no matter which piece of rolling stock you want to wrap, it will belong to your brand family. 

12,240 + 2,584 horsepower - 6 axles - 500 kN starting traction effort - A whole new level to get your freight over (or through) the Alps. In 2022 Rail Force One will be one of the first operators to add this beast to its line-up. And we create its new skin:


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