Bridges and Castles

for Budamar Group

Year: 2022-2023
Project: The Architects of Logistics series 1 + 2
Rolling stock: Full wrap design for 10x Siemens Vectron MS
Client: Budamar Group, SK
Styling and Design: Simon Wijnakker and Bastian Vogelvanger
Partners for production and application: Loc&More, HU (8x) and Spyron, CZ (2x)


On June 30, 2022, Budamar Group from Slovakia took delivery of its first 'bridge' locomotive. Until the end of that year, Railcolor Design developed five different designs within one theme to highlight five famous bridges in Slovakia - connecting the design to Budamar Group's slogan, the “Architects of Logistics”.


We gave the locomotive a distinctive new look without modifying the locomotive's standard white/grey paint scheme. The design is optimised to mask the areas where dirt attaches the easiest to the locomotive.

Railcolor's core values:

  1. It's a train! Never forget, we style vehicles - they move, evoke emotion, and exist in 3D. The orange boomerang and the negative white space create forward motion and power. We used hand-formed grey masks to connect the graphic elements to the Vectron design cues.
  2. Distinctive from afar: The negative white space forms a forward-moving arrow. The orange "boomerang" shapes are the accolades for the different landscapes on the side of the locomotive. 
  3. Interesting up close: Will you have the chance to stand close to one of the machines? Look at the detailed bridges, cranes, trains, and more. Do you know which loco has the diesel-Vectron?

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383 218

The design combines high-performance, digitally printed adhesives with handmade curves ad surfaces, sleek, balanced, powerful.


Each of the five locomotives has a theme, with a corresponding landscape, depicting a stylized image of a bridge and its direct surroundings (and trains when possible). 

  • RSL 383 216 in December 2022 = Most Apollo
  • RSL 383 217 in December 2022 = Hanusovský Viadukt 
  • RSL 383 218 in June 2022 = Prístavný Most
  • RSL 383 219 in August 2022 = Most SNP
  • RSL 383 220 in August 2022 = Chmarošský Viadukt

383 216


383 217


383 220 & 383 219

After bridges come the castles - series 2

The same slogan, different story, another five machines. No more bridges, but castles instead:

  • RSL 383 221 = Bratislavský hrad (= castle of Bratislava)
  • RSL 383 222 = Oravský Hrad (= castle of Orava)
  • RSL 383 223 = Krásna Hôrka (= Krásna Hôrka Castle)
  • RSL 383 301 = Spišský Hrad (= Spiš castle)
  • RSL 383 302 = Bojnický zámok (= Bojnice Castle)

383 301


383 221


383 222


383 223


383 302

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