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Designing beyond the arctic circle

Client: OnRail SA, Norway
Locomotives: Stadler EuroDual, Alstom Traxx

Starting in November 2022, two ELP EuroDual locomotives will be deployed on the Nordlandsbanen in Norway. The current need to switch between electric and diesel locomotives will be eliminated once freight operator OnRail will start using the dual mode locomotives. The new machines will also enable the haulage of longer and heavier freight trains to the far north of Norway. 

OnRail will use the EuroDuals on the Nordlandsbanen (Nordland line) between Oslo and Fauske, near Bodø. This is a trip beyond the arctic circle, and more than 1,200 km long. Around half of this route, from Oslo to Trondheim, is electrified. Various types of goods, such as groceries, are hauled northbound, while it is mostly fish, caught in the cold waters of the Norwegian Sea, that is taken back to the south.


The creative team of Railcolor Design styled the six-axle electrics for OnRail. On this page you see the "DynamicO" livery design, combining OnRail's dark green and black corporate colors with a bright red "moving O" - We cannot wait to see these machines in action, especially in the rough wintery conditions.

About OnRail
OnRail is a young, privately-owned Norwegian freight rail company. It operates intermodal trains on the Raumabanen since April 2021. It connects terminals in Oslo Alnabru and Åndalsnes, re-introducing rail freight on the line which was stopped in 2018.


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