Connecting the dots

for Eisenbahnverkehr Potsdam

Client: Eisenbahnverkehr Potsdam
Project: Smartron 2018

Locomotive: Siemens Smartron

Heritage is a thing to be careful with, to cherish, to respect. But when you decide to break with tradition, do it well (and maybe create a new one!). Nevertheless, German open-access operator EGP found itself on this point and consulted us for creating its new vehicle styling:


Blue. This project evolved around blue. The Smartron only comes on blue, in Capri blue. Meaning: all customers get the same blue machine, how to stand out? Repainting is too expensive, wrapping every single detail is not possible. We found the way in between. Actually we found many ways in between, a whole network, of routes.

Do you want to see the EGP Smartron in real life? Go to one of the places on the locomotive and maybe you are lucky!  


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