The modal shift

with Lineas

The Modal Shift made pretty

Client: Lineas Group NV/SA, Belgium
Locomotives: Alstom Traxx, EMD Class 66, HLD 77, HLE 13
Responsibilities: Automotive Styling and Graphic Design

In September 2019 Lineas, freight operator from Belgium officially revealed its #Modalshift Locomotive, a TRAXX locomotive in a full wrap depicting the company's most important goal: gets freight out of traffic, onto rails. Fewer freight trucks, more trains, less CO2, a theme we fully support.


The design is based on an idea created by Lineas' loco driver Kris De Smedt and has an important message:

“Freight transport represents almost 10% of all CO2 emissions in Europe. This is mainly caused by our heavy reliance on trucks, as 75% of the entire freight sector is done over the road.” By offering new innovative products, Lineas pushes new and existing customers to make the shift from road to rail. “It can improve their supply chain while decreasing their impact on climate, mobility and air pollution.”

 The end result is colorful, yet fully in line with the operator's corporate identity.


The #Modalshift project was a sequel on the rebranding of the Lineas fleet that we completed in 2017. Four different types of locomotives got the three-stripe design of Lineas' corporate identity.


In 2023, Lineas released the #sustainability locomotive - this time based on an idea by Pieter Vanraefelghem. No time to waste:


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