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Client: Modility GmbH, Germany
Locomotive: Siemens Vectron Responsibilities: Automotive Styling and Graphic Design

A brand new Siemens Vectron Modility style. They already had their own pens and scribbling pads, so why not a locomotive? The difference: the locomotive is for brand awareness outside the office!

Modility is a corporate startup, a spin-off from HHLA established in 2020. It is a digital platform, a simple point of entry for combined transport, in which the demand for rail solutions and free transport capacities of train operators are brought together. 


The open platform allows all businesses, such as railway operators and shipping companies, to participate. The primary goal is to act as a connector between companies.


For this project, Railcolor Design created an entirely new base design - as it does not have any link to existing rail operators/fleet owners. The message is clear and simple. Go online, book your train, simple as that.

Project partners:

  • Locomotive: Metrans Rail
  • Sticker production+application: Loc & More
  • Photo/videography: Studio Kanovits 

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