Racing in Red

for Raillogix

Raillogix goes international

Client: Rail Innovators Group
Project: Raillogix Vectron 2019

Locomotive: Siemens Vectron

Raillogix is a rail freight operator, based in Rotterdam, and part of the Rail Innovators Group. In 2020, for the first time, a multi-system electric locomotive got Raillogix branding, taking the company's name and fame across the border. By creating a powerful, athletic trim, Railcolor made sure Raillogix made a long-lasting impression in Europe.


Raillogix specializes in flexible, ad-hoc freight transport solutions and the development of innovative products. The company is well-established in the Netherlands, and it was time to expand the company's name and fame across the border, to countries such as Germany and Poland.

For Raillogix Railcolor developed a base livery, for a serious, long-lasting impression. Its stance, its visual 'weight' mirrors the high-quality services of the company. The use of a metallic base foil is very unique in the railway business and gives the design extra dept.


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