August 2020

A TRAXX that is ‘Running like clockwork’

Railpool press release 17.08.2020: 'Running like clockwork – 10 years RTB CARGO'

A mechanical clockwork is highly complex and consists of many small gears, springs, and screws. For a clockwork to run to the second, a high degree of accuracy and precision is required.

For 10 years now, we have been able to count RTB Cargo among our customers and we greatly appreciate this cooperation; it runs continuously like clockwork. We too can confirm that RTB Cargo has managed over the past decade to pass on its professional and high-quality standards not only to us as business partners but also to its customers.

RTB Cargo is one of our biggest customers, which results in close and intensive cooperation. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you that this cooperation is always so open and positive. Like gear in gear, we are working side by side from the very beginning!

We wish RTB CARGO all the best on its 10th anniversary and hope for many more decades together!

For Railpool we created a design that visualizes the high-quality of its solid and long-term cooperation with RTB Cargo. Railpool TRAXX 186 423 was selected to be restyled and it received a livery that combines the clockwork theme with RTB Cargo's 'white arrow' standard livery

July 2020

Now available: SBB Cargo International ‘Ceneri 2020’

Piko has released the special 'Ceneri 2020' design of Vectron 193 518 in scale 1:87. SBB Cargo International released this locomotive in 2019 celebrating the opening of the Ceneri base tunnel later this year.

The model is specifically made for the Swiss market. It is available as AC (no 59099) and DC (no 59199) version.

June 2020

Moving mountains: Railcolor goes Hybrid

It will be a small project, they said. Just 1 locomotive, they said. Boxy, straightforward.

But no, designing a livery for a center-cab shunting locomotive is not easy, it is very hard in fact. Each side is different, doors, hatches everywhere, hinges, grids, how to bring this all together? How to give the locomotive a uniform look, how to keep it 'simple' and how to give it some Swiss flair at the same time?

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SBB Cargo International today accepted a brand new Alstom H3 hybrid locomotive in Salzgitter, which, like the 20 Siemens Vectron, is rented by SüdLeasing. The locomotive is used by us at the Offenbach am Main location and also bears the name of this city. Overall, this locomotive features a potpourri of various well-known design elements from the Vectron locomotives and, in addition to the skyline of Frankfurt am Main, the silhouette of the Büsingpalais in Offenbach am Main. Thanks to #alstom, #südleasing and #railcolordesign and thanks to Tobias Gras for these nice pictures. #welcometoourworld #sbbcargointernational #ontheway #railways #railway_of_europe #freighttrain #sbbcintland

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For Südleasing and SBB Cargo International we created a new livery for Alstom H3 hybrid shunter no. 035. The locomotive proudly sports the name and logo of the city of Offenbach am Main, close to Frankfurt. The machine has all the colors used for the SBBCI Vectrons - which are combined with subtle skyline graphics that depict both cities, one on each side.

The locomotive was released from work on 05.06.2020 and we can not wait to see it in action. Some previews

June 2020

The Nightpiercer is back

28.05.2020: the return of the Nightpiercer! The creation of the special 'night' version of the SBB Cargo International design, back in 2017, became a true hype. Although - or maybe the despite? - Hupac 193 492 and Nightpiercer design only existed for several months, it is popular until this day.

Nightpiercer 1 (in the front) vs Nightpiercer 2 - Daniel Schärer


The second series of Vectron locomotives for SBB Cargo International that we've created also has a blue base paint, so we just could not the opportunity go by, to recreate the 'legendary' locomotive.

Above and below you see 193 532 'Nightpiercer 2' - a little different, but very much the same as the original. Enjoy, and happy hunting.

Daniel Schärer

April 2020

Märklin announces the Hollandpiercer

19.04.2020 was a nice day for the Hollandpiercer. For the first time, the locomotive could enjoy it 'natural habitat' - 193 525 came to the Netherlands. Just days before model train manufacturer Märklin announced a model of this locomotive, of which the first copies will be delivered in 2021.


March 2020

Red vs Red

Red is a color used by one of Europe's largest rail freight operators. Should you avoid it? Of course not, with a special foil (metallic!), your logos placed prominently, and well-designed details you can still be red, yet different from the rest.

Read more: Selected projects - Raillogix' Red Racer

MRCE > Raillogix X4E-627 and red opponent in Viersen - 25.03.2020 - Achim Scheil

March 2020

Creativity: The rooftop depot by Francesco Bochicchio

Francesco Bochicchio from Italy has been playing with perspective. He made his Piko Nightpiercer and Piko Gallarate Vectron the stars of these witty little scenes.

Francesco explains: "It was an improvisation, made on the roof of my house in Liguria. I built this small scene of a locomotive depot. Last Saturday afternoon there was a beautiful warm light, and I quickly took advantage of it."

"With these photographs, I wanted to capture a small piece of the sea and the mountains, typical for my Ligurian home area. I hope to see these locomotives reach the Ligurian Sea one day, once the Corona quarantine is over and we can leave our houses again."

"For me, these images of the depot represent home, tranquility. I chose to reproduce a simple Italian depot, still with its the old water columns and the coal deposit."

Visit @francesco_bochicchio for more.

The models in the pictures:

March 2020

Roco (h0), Fleischmann (N) announce Raillogix Vectron models

At the end of 2020 Roco / Fleischmann will release scale models of the decently released Raillogix Vectron by Railcolor. This means MRCE locomotive X4E-627 will be available in both h0 (1:87) and N (1:160) scales. You'll find more information about the models on dedicated websites:

February 2020

Piko releases RTB Cargo Vectron 193 791 in h0

Piko has a new Railcolor model in its portfolio. For the first time, a design for RTB Cargo has been released in scale h0 (1:87). You can order now:

February 2020

Bold plans require a bold design – Leasing in style for Rail Force One

‘Rail Force One is one of the first European railway companies ordering a new generation of heavy-duty six-axle multi-system locomotives; The innovative, powerful Euro 9000 Locomotive, manufactured by Stadler. Having an electric- and diesel power unit with a maximum of 9 Megawatt, we will be ready to run the heaviest trains cross-border through Europe. Thanks to our partners from European Loc Pool we will take the locomotives in operations from 2023 onwards.’

December 2018

The Nightpiercer for Hupac

A new design for Hupac locomotive 193 492, now named ‘Rhein’ – also known as ‘Nightpiercer’. The first images are available on Railcolor News.

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December 2018

First two new Vectron locomotives for RTB Cargo

On 13.12.2018 two new Vectron locomotives were officially presented in Regensburg: 193 791 and 193 792 in RTB Cargo design.

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October 2018

Akiem / HSL trio no.2

Three TRAXX MS2e locomotives for Akiem, all hired to rail freight operator HSL Logistik. The designated 186 381, 382 and 383, each in their own distinctive colour scheme, are being used in Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Part of a family of six:

  • Akiem > HSL Logistik 187 500 in ‘HSL orange’
  • Akiem > HSL Logistik 187 501 in ‘HSL brown’
  • Akiem > HSL Logistik 187 505 in ‘HSL green’
  • Akiem > HSL Logistik 186 383 in ‘Akiem purple’
  • Akiem > HSL Logistik 186 381 in ‘HSL blue’
  • Akiem > HSL Logistik 186 382 in ‘Akiem red’

See more on Railcolor News

July 2018

TRAXX AC2 for Beacon Rail – Electric Elegance

A livery can have different purposes. Some designs need to turn heads, be colorful and unique, other designs require a more subtle approach. Railcolor Design can do both.

Electric TRAXX AC2 locomotives of lease company Beacon Rail were due for a repaint in the current company colors, blue and gold. But the color scheme had not yet been applied to this type of machine.

Railcolor Design made a proposal in line with the locomotives design and current regulations. Special front section colors are not required for this type of loco, so there was more design freedom than before. We developed the design and paint plan to ensure a flawless application of the colors.

The end design features a well-balanced distribution of the color. Electric elegance. It is clearly a Beacon Rail locomotive, while there is still enough space on all sides for future operators of the locomotive to add their own logos and slogans.

December 2017

The Green Machine; Third AC3 locomotive design for Akiem and HSL Logistik

New in the 'European Logistics Together' collection; Akiem locomotive 187 505. The green machine is the third member of this design family. Later on, TRAXX multi-system locomotives will arrive to complement the collection.

Over the summer Akiem signed a contract with HSL Logistik for the lease of six TRAXX locomotives; Three 140 km/h TRAXX AC3 machines for freight operation in Germany and three TRAXX multisystem electrics (186 series) for use in Germany, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The Railcolor ‘European Logistics Together’ designs will be promoting the successful Akiem – HSL Logistik cooperation in a large part of the rail network in Western Europe.

December 2017

This is the Vectron design for SBB Cargo International

In October 2016, Rail freight operator SBB Cargo International asked Railcolor Design to develop a new livery for its new generation of electric locomotives for cross-border freight traffic. Together with all stake holders, Railcolor Design was able to create a base livery design, bringing together two different worlds:

  • SBB Cargo International is part of the Swiss state railway family (SBB). Many say Switzerland has the best railway system in the world. The SBB brand has a long history and represents reliability and quality to many.
  • SBB Cargo International however is a young (since 2011) company. Unlike its mother company it operates in a competitive open market. And well, it operates internationally.

Photo: Siemens

The new design is a combination of both familiar and new elements. You may recognize the red fronts and blue sides, known from the SBB Cargo design for its locomotives that was introduced in the early 00s. All cabin windows are 'masked' with black, a design element applied on that can also be found on various SBB rolling stock such as the FLIRT trains and 460 series locomotives. It brings a serious and high quality feel to the design.

New is the light blue base color, representing SBB Cargo International as a new, open and flexible company, with a bright future ahead. The company is also proud it has 'tamed' the Alps since the Gotthard Base Tunnel has opened. As these new Vectrons will also be true 'Alpäzähmer' locomotives, they feature a side design showing a mountainscape being 'pierced' by a bright white line. Coming through!

And then there is the icing on the cake; the Swiss cross. We don't need to explain that one right?

Photo: Siemens

All 18 locomotives will be named after a city. Each machine will be decorated with a city's coat of arms. The first two machines that are released are the 'Olten' and the 'Gallarate'.

Photo: Siemens

Do you also want to further develop your company's story? And make it visible? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to explain to you how we work and what we can do for you. 

Photo: Siemens

Interesting, external links:

The series is expanding

On 05.02.2018 during a special event, the 193 463 'Duisburg' was presented in the German city with the corresponding name. The city's mayor Manfred Osenger and SBBCI’s CEO Michail Stahlhut brought out a toast on the new colorful locomotive.

Duisburg mayor Manfred Osenger and SBBCI’s CEO Michail Stahlhut bring out a toast on the new 193 463: the Duisburg

193 463 "Duisburg" in Duisburg on 05.02.2018

193 463 "Duisburg" in Duisburg on 05.02.2018

The names

Every LokRoll > SBBCI locomotive will sport a name of one of the key cities in the network of SBB Cargo International along the north-south route. A list:

  • LokRoll>SBBCI 193 461 = ‘Olten’ (only 1 city logo per side in white)
  • LokRoll>SBBCI 193 462 = ‘Gallarate’ (only 1 city logo per side in white)
  • LokRoll>SBBCI 193 463 = ‘Duisburg’
  • LokRoll>SBBCI 193 464 = ‘Arth-Goldau’
  • LokRoll>SBBCI 193 465 = ‘Basel’
  • LokRoll>SBBCI 193 466 = ‘Bellinzona’
  • LokRoll>SBBCI 193 467 = ‘Brig’
  • LokRoll>SBBCI 193 468 = ‘Chiasso’
  • LokRoll>SBBCI 193 469 = ‘Simplon’
  • LokRoll>SBBCI 193 470 = ‘Freiburg’
  • LokRoll>SBBCI 193 471 = ‘Karlsruhe’
  • LokRoll>SBBCI 193 472 = ‘Köln’
  • LokRoll>SBBCI 193 473 = ‘Luino’
  • LokRoll>SBBCI 193 474 = ‘Mannheim’
  • LokRoll>SBBCI 193 475 = ‘Domodossola’
  • LokRoll>SBBCI 193 476 = ‘Novara’
  • LokRoll>SBBCI 193 477= ‘Fulda’
  • LokRoll>SBBCI 193 478 = ‘Gottardo’

193 465 "Basel" at Mönchengladbach on 13.02.2017 - also visible are 193 466 and 468 in the back

November 2017

‘European Logistics Together’ – First two locomotive designs for Akiem and HSL Logistik revealed

On 29.11.2017 leasing company Akiem and German rail freight operator HSL Logistik celebrated the arrival of two new colorful electrics locomotives, styled by Railcolor Design. The orange 187 500 and brown colored 187 501 are the first two of a series of six of the so-called 'European Logistics Together' design fleet. Each machine will have its own unique design. 

"Orange, brown, green... Each machine will have its own unique design"

Over the summer Akiem signed a contract with HSL Logistik for the lease of six TRAXX locomotives; Three 140 km/h TRAXX AC3 machines for freight operation in Germany and three TRAXX multisystem electrics (186 series) for use in Germany, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The Railcolor 'European Logistics Together' designs will be promoting the successful Akiem - HSL Logistik cooperation in a large part of the rail network in Western Europe.

In the afternoon, the 187 500/501 were officially handed over to HSL Logistik. During the ceremony, both machines were on display outside the Bombardier locomotive assembly factory in Kassel. HSL Logistik will start operating the machines right away.

Railcolor Design developed a design that is a combination of two different corporate identities, It shows the companies work together very closely to develop rail freight in Germany and abroad and already have been doing that for many years now. Although every locomotive will have different base color - and the fact the 186 and 187 do not have the same body design - they will clearly form one visual family.

A good livery design does not only improve your company's visibility but it also a reflection of the quality of how your company thinks and works. It is not only about 'the looks', but a design is also based on a story, your story, that you can tell your customers. Good design brings unity to your fleet, it says you care about the details, that your performance is consistent. People will see it, feel it, and acknowledge this.

Good livery design (..) It is not only about 'the looks', a design is based on a story, your story

Do you also want to develop your company's story? And make it visible? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to explain to you how we work and what we can do for you. But keep one thing in mind; you'd better like color!

And yes, then the machines have to do what they were made for: pull freight trains. See two of our beauties in action:

Photo: Marc Britzwein

Photo: Marc Britzwein

October 2017

AusgeRastatt! / Rastattless!

On 01.10.2017, just after midnight, the first freight train passed through Rastatt, marking the end of the European Freight Corridor no.1 closure. It was a freight train of SBB Cargo International.

The line has been blocked for many weeks after a construction failure on August 12, with disastrous effects on Europe's rail freight transport capacity, competitiveness, and image. The financial damage for many operators is considerable and heated discussions on the highest political levels are ongoing who is to blame (and has to pay).

SBB Cargo International wanted to make a statement with its first train; the European rail freight business needs to change; better communication, less regulation, and action! A specially designed locomotive is, therefore, pulling the first freight train. Its message will push SBB Cargo International's demands to make sure a 'Rastatt situation' will not happen again.

MRCE > SBB Cargo International ES 64 F4-290 'AusgeRastatt!' on 02.10.2017 at Köln-Mülheim - Photo: Benedikt Bast

MRCE > SBB Cargo International ES 64 F4-290 'AusgeRastatt!' on 02.10.2017 at Köln-Eifeltor - Photo: Benedikt Bast

April 2017

Design consulting and management for Lineas

Lineas is the new name of B Logistics, rail freight operator from Belgium, formerly part of the Belgian railways. Railcolor Design was awarded the assignment to consult on how to applicate the new brand identity to Lineas' rolling stock. In total six locomotives were fully wrapped.

2x TRAXX MS (series 186)
On 03.05.2017, the first tangible result was presented. With a roll-out in Antwerp TRAXX-locomotive 186 293 was showed to the media and directed to the local shunt yard to take on its first freight train.

August 2016

185 602 | An Art Locomotive for HSL Logistik

  • 2016: Full livery design for a Bombardier TRAXX AC2 locomotive
  • Clients: HSL Logistik and Beacon Rail leasing
  • We did: Concept, graphic design, project management, photography
  • in cooperation with mgw Service: project management
  • and Baier Werbung: vinyl application
  • and Wilbri: DTP and print


Signing a ten-year lease contract calls for a special livery. Railcolor Design was asked to come up with an idea for an 'Hingucker', a design that should turn heads. So we did. The operator of the locomotive, the German railfreight company HSL Logistik, likes to paint its rolling stock brown. And it uses four horizontal, orange lines as its signature. An idea was born.

From idea to final design. HSL Logistik's four orange stripes were used to write and compose, resulting in a colorful livery. The design was cut up in 15 strokes per side, 3 strokes for every front, than printed into extremely durable 3M stickers. These were applied one by one onto the locomotive.

A little fun must be

A little fun must be

Since its release early September, we carefully track and trace locomotive 185 602. has a profile page about this machine displaying its history and showing up to date pictures.

Photo credits: Oliver Schädlich

Photo credits: Oliver Schädlich

In 2018 Fleischmann its N scale model of the HSL art locomotive design. Such an amazing print job on such a tiny scale - 160 times smaller as the original.

Photo: Railcolor Design

Photo: Railcolor Design

January 2016

187 014 | Flex Panel design for Akiem

Purple vs. Red

Purple vs. Red

Akiem is a rolling stock leasing company from France, and part of the Ermewa group. For their newest addition to their locomotive fleet, Akiem asked Railcolor to come with an attractive design for locomotive 187 014. It's a hybrid TRAXX AC3 series locomotive built by Bombardier in transportation in Germany.


The Bombardier locomotive got two different Flex Panels (with EN and DE tag line) putting Akiem's engineers and their work place in the center of attention. The cabins of the 014 each have a different color. The Flex Panel designs correspond with the two base colors of the Akiem corporate identity.


March 2015

145 087 | Die blaue Barbara

A livery for lease company SRI Rail Invest (DE). After an unplanned encounter with a fallen tree, locomotive no. 145 087 had to call in for extensive repair, including a repaint. SRI asked to come with a livery design for 145 087 so it could return to the tracks as new.



In March 2015, the machine was ready to roll again. Barbara came to the Bombardier factory to baptize the locomotive she was now sharing her name with. Within hours, the machine was back in service hauling its first freight train for freight operator Metrans.

SRI_07The livery is based on the blue/red/silver livery of SRI. Both the front and side composition is made in such a way, an extra logo can be added of an SRI customer, without the livery getting off balance.


June 2005

The Dutch landscape

Back in 2005, our very first locomotive styling project. A new company, Rotterdam Rail Feeding at that time, entered to Dutch market for last mile shunting services, in and around the Rotterdam harbor. It had a logo, but no livery.

Project: Full livery design for an Alstom V100 locomotive
Client: Rotterdam Rail Feeding
Railcolor Design: Concept, graphic design, project management
Van Strien Print & Sign: DTP, print, wrapping

The concept: Rotterdam Rail Feeding was a typical Dutch company, how to show this? Inspiration was found in the Dutch (railway) landscape. The picture below shows a locomotive in its natural habitat, this says all right?

The V100 in its natural habitat. Almost like camouflage.

The V100 in its natural habitat. Almost like camouflage.

After the take-over by Genessee & Wyoming, Railfeeding had to adjust the looks of their yellow and green locomotives. We also designed the application of the orange and yellow G&W logos and markings. We made the RF-version of the orange and yellow logo. Railfeeding 23:

A take-over, new logos.

A take-over, new logos.








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