On 29.11.2017 leasing company Akiem and German rail freight operator HSL Logistik celebrated the arrival of two new colorful electrics locomotives, styled by Railcolor Design. The orange 187 500 and brown colored 187 501 are the first two of a series of six of the so-called 'European Logistics Together' design fleet. Each machine will have its own unique design. 

"Orange, brown, green... Each machine will have its own unique design"

Over the summer Akiem signed a contract with HSL Logistik for the lease of six TRAXX locomotives; Three 140 km/h TRAXX AC3 machines for freight operation in Germany and three TRAXX multisystem electrics (186 series) for use in Germany, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The Railcolor 'European Logistics Together' designs will be promoting the successful Akiem - HSL Logistik cooperation in a large part of the rail network in Western Europe.

In the afternoon, the 187 500/501 were officially handed over to HSL Logistik. During the ceremony, both machines were on display outside the Bombardier locomotive assembly factory in Kassel. HSL Logistik will start operating the machines right away.

Railcolor Design developed a design that is a combination of two different corporate identities, It shows the companies work together very closely to develop rail freight in Germany and abroad and already have been doing that for many years now. Although every locomotive will have different base color - and the fact the 186 and 187 do not have the same body design - they will clearly form one visual family.

A good livery design does not only improve your company's visibility but it also a reflection of the quality of how your company thinks and works. It is not only about 'the looks', but a design is also based on a story, your story, that you can tell your customers. Good design brings unity to your fleet, it says you care about the details, that your performance is consistent. People will see it, feel it, and acknowledge this.

Good livery design (..) It is not only about 'the looks', a design is based on a story, your story

Do you also want to develop your company's story? And make it visible? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to explain to you how we work and what we can do for you. But keep one thing in mind; you'd better like color!

And yes, then the machines have to do what they were made for: pull freight trains. See two of our beauties in action:

Photo: Marc Britzwein

Photo: Marc Britzwein