It will be a small project, they said. Just 1 locomotive, they said. Boxy, straightforward.

But no, designing a livery for a center-cab shunting locomotive is not easy, it is very hard in fact. Each side is different, doors, hatches everywhere, hinges, grids, how to bring this all together? How to give the locomotive a uniform look, how to keep it 'simple' and how to give it some Swiss flair at the same time?

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SBB Cargo International today accepted a brand new Alstom H3 hybrid locomotive in Salzgitter, which, like the 20 Siemens Vectron, is rented by SüdLeasing. The locomotive is used by us at the Offenbach am Main location and also bears the name of this city. Overall, this locomotive features a potpourri of various well-known design elements from the Vectron locomotives and, in addition to the skyline of Frankfurt am Main, the silhouette of the Büsingpalais in Offenbach am Main. Thanks to #alstom, #südleasing and #railcolordesign and thanks to Tobias Gras for these nice pictures. #welcometoourworld #sbbcargointernational #ontheway #railways #railway_of_europe #freighttrain #sbbcintland

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For Südleasing and SBB Cargo International we created a new livery for Alstom H3 hybrid shunter no. 035. The locomotive proudly sports the name and logo of the city of Offenbach am Main, close to Frankfurt. The machine has all the colors used for the SBBCI Vectrons - which are combined with subtle skyline graphics that depict both cities, one on each side.

The locomotive was released from work on 05.06.2020 and we can not wait to see it in action. Some previews