June 2020

The Nightpiercer is back

28.05.2020: the return of the Nightpiercer! The creation of the special 'night' version of the SBB Cargo International design, back in 2017, became a true hype. Although - or maybe the despite? - Hupac 193 492 and Nightpiercer design only existed for several months, it is popular until this day.

Nightpiercer 1 (in the front) vs Nightpiercer 2 - Daniel Schärer


The second series of Vectron locomotives for SBB Cargo International that we've created also has a blue base paint, so we just could not the opportunity go by, to recreate the 'legendary' locomotive.

Above and below you see 193 532 'Nightpiercer 2' - a little different, but very much the same as the original. Enjoy, and happy hunting.

Daniel Schärer

March 2020

Creativity: The rooftop depot by Francesco Bochicchio

Francesco Bochicchio from Italy has been playing with perspective. He made his Piko Nightpiercer and Piko Gallarate Vectron the stars of these witty little scenes.

Francesco explains: "It was an improvisation, made on the roof of my house in Liguria. I built this small scene of a locomotive depot. Last Saturday afternoon there was a beautiful warm light, and I quickly took advantage of it."

"With these photographs, I wanted to capture a small piece of the sea and the mountains, typical for my Ligurian home area. I hope to see these locomotives reach the Ligurian Sea one day, once the Corona quarantine is over and we can leave our houses again."

"For me, these images of the depot represent home, tranquility. I chose to reproduce a simple Italian depot, still with its the old water columns and the coal deposit."

Visit @francesco_bochicchio for more.

The models in the pictures:







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