July 2020

Now available: SBB Cargo International ‘Ceneri 2020’

Piko has released the special 'Ceneri 2020' design of Vectron 193 518 in scale 1:87. SBB Cargo International released this locomotive in 2019 celebrating the opening of the Ceneri base tunnel later this year.

The model is specifically made for the Swiss market. It is available as AC (no 59099) and DC (no 59199) version.

June 2020

The Nightpiercer is back

28.05.2020: the return of the Nightpiercer! The creation of the special 'night' version of the SBB Cargo International design, back in 2017, became a true hype. Although - or maybe the despite? - Hupac 193 492 and Nightpiercer design only existed for several months, it is popular until this day.

Nightpiercer 1 (in the front) vs Nightpiercer 2 - Daniel Schärer


The second series of Vectron locomotives for SBB Cargo International that we've created also has a blue base paint, so we just could not the opportunity go by, to recreate the 'legendary' locomotive.

Above and below you see 193 532 'Nightpiercer 2' - a little different, but very much the same as the original. Enjoy, and happy hunting.

Daniel Schärer

April 2020

Märklin announces the Hollandpiercer

19.04.2020 was a nice day for the Hollandpiercer. For the first time, the locomotive could enjoy it 'natural habitat' - 193 525 came to the Netherlands. Just days before model train manufacturer Märklin announced a model of this locomotive, of which the first copies will be delivered in 2021.


March 2020

Roco (h0), Fleischmann (N) announce Raillogix Vectron models

At the end of 2020 Roco / Fleischmann will release scale models of the decently released Raillogix Vectron by Railcolor. This means MRCE locomotive X4E-627 will be available in both h0 (1:87) and N (1:160) scales. You'll find more information about the models on dedicated websites:

February 2020

Piko releases RTB Cargo Vectron 193 791 in h0

Piko has a new Railcolor model in its portfolio. For the first time, a design for RTB Cargo has been released in scale h0 (1:87). You can order now:







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