Railpool press release 17.08.2020: 'Running like clockwork – 10 years RTB CARGO'

A mechanical clockwork is highly complex and consists of many small gears, springs, and screws. For a clockwork to run to the second, a high degree of accuracy and precision is required.

For 10 years now, we have been able to count RTB Cargo among our customers and we greatly appreciate this cooperation; it runs continuously like clockwork. We too can confirm that RTB Cargo has managed over the past decade to pass on its professional and high-quality standards not only to us as business partners but also to its customers.

RTB Cargo is one of our biggest customers, which results in close and intensive cooperation. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you that this cooperation is always so open and positive. Like gear in gear, we are working side by side from the very beginning!

We wish RTB CARGO all the best on its 10th anniversary and hope for many more decades together!

For Railpool we created a design that visualizes the high-quality of its solid and long-term cooperation with RTB Cargo. Railpool TRAXX 186 423 was selected to be restyled and it received a livery that combines the clockwork theme with RTB Cargo's 'white arrow' standard livery