You must have seen some, videos showing car drivers, truck drivers, pedestrians making the weirdest last-minute manoeuvres to cross the tracks, just before a train passes. Deliberately ignoring the red lights that warm for imminent danger. What were they thinking? 

Over the past years many new methods have been developed to warm people for the dangers of trains – these crazy machines that come out of nowhere, to obliterate your beautiful car. Pure evil.

As Railcolor we asked ourselves, how can we contribute to rail safety? In other words, what can design do?

After a two-day brainstorm it was clear: We need to change the perception of trains, change its image. No more inviting, friendly color schemes, no more elegance and speed. You are thinking, time to bring back contrast colors and warning stripes? We took it to the next step: The train needs to show its true nature: Pure aggression and destruction. Shock and awe.

Aviation inspiration

When searching for inspiration, we quickly found ourselves skipping through hundreds of images of planes with aggressive ‘nose art’. You know them, planes with shark noses, aggressively gazing bulls and rhinos that served as psychological protection against the probability of death.

We developed a contemporary ‘nose art design’ for a Vectron locomotive. A set of stickers is to be applied on the nose section. In principle these can be combined with every base colour. Soon we want to release a similar ‘Aggression through Aesthetics Package’ or A-AP for other locomotive models. Bombardier’s TRAXX MS will be the first to be added to the program, a design that is clearly too friendly and innocent.

Scare the sh*t out of you

Will it work? In the next months we will start a test program with a test bed locomotive and see how many nice and shiny cars our locomotive will be able to ‘eat’. We are sure that over a one year period the locomotive will be respected again, no one wants to end up between these shiny teeth. It reminds you of ‘The Joker’ – a wild animal? We don’t care what it reminds you of, we just hope it will scare sh*t out of you!

No more illegal level crossing – or else…