‘The Lineas six’

Lineas is the new name of B Logistics, railfreight operator from Belgium, formerly part of the Belgian railways. Railcolor Design was awarded with the assignment to apply the new brand identity of Lineas to its rolling stock.

2x TRAXX MS (series 186)
On 03.05.2017, the first tangible result was presented. With a roll-out in Antwerp TRAXX locomotive 186 293 was showed to the media and directed to the local shuntyard to take on its first freight train. A week later, the 186 255 was the machine of this type in the Lineas color scheme.

Railpool > Lineas TRAXX 186 255 D/B/F. Photo: Joeri Vanvaernbergh

2x Reeks 77
Unit no. 7784 and 7789 are a pair. Together they pull freight trains to and through the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. So they needed a matching outfit:


Railcolor Design was awarded the assignment to design and apply the new Lineas logos and conporate identity onto the different locomotive types in Lineas' fleet


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