Designing the newest locomotive for Switzerland

At the end of 2017, Swiss railfreight operator SBB Cargo International will receive its first new Vectron locomotive. it will be the first of a batch of 18, to be produced by Siemens in Munich. They will be operated in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

Railcolor Design has created the new base livery the new locomotive SBB Cargo International: the Vectron. A huge honor for us, being able to add a new chapter to the long and rich tradition of Swiss railway design.

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Best of two worlds
Over the past six months, we have created the ‘Alp piercer’ design in close cooperation with SBBCI, Reichmuth (leasing) and Siemens Rail Systems. With the new color scheme design we bring together two different worlds:

  • SBB Cargo International is part of the Swiss state railway family (SBB). Many say Switzerland has the best railway system in the world. Key worlds: high quality, long tradition, reliable, clean design, the Alps.
  • SBB Cargo International is a young company. Unlike its Swiss mother company it operates in an international and open market. Key words: Young, dynamic, creative

The Alp piercer has typical design features of SBB rolling stock, such as the red front, the black ‘masks’ and of course the clean application of SBB logo and ‘vignet’. These features make the locomotives instantly recognizable as SBB locomotive.

New is the lighter blue base color on the sides. The new, carefully selected light blue represents the fresh and creative approach of SBB Cargo International. The light blue is selected from the same Pantone color range as the dark blue used on ‘normal’ SBB Cargo locomotives.

Alpäzähmer visualized
New is the mountain visual on the side panels. A white line pierces the mountain-scape, visualizing SBB Cargo international’s marketing concept Alpäzähmer (tamers of the Alps), referring to the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland. Because, well, these new locomotives will be taming the Alps very soon, all day every day!

To be continued…

You and your company are up for a brand new, colorful livery design, don’t hesitate to contact us! Let’s see what we can create for you!


SBB Cargo International is new company, founded in 2011. It does not have its own fleet, nor its own corporate identity. Create one to be applied on its new Vectron locomotive fleet.


SBB Cargo International (Swiss railways)


Ideation, concept creation, graphic design, project management, 2D and 3D visualization


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