On 01.10.2017, just after midnight, the first freight train passed through Rastatt, marking the end of the European Freight Corridor no.1 closure. It was a freight train of SBB Cargo International.
The line has been blocked for many weeks after a construction failure on August 12, with disastrous effects on European’s railfreight transport capacity, competitiveness and image. The financial damage for many operators is considerable and heated discussions on the highest political levels are ongoing who is to blame (and has to pay).

SBB Cargo International wanted to make a statement with its first train; European railfreight business needs to change; better communication, less regulation, and action! A specially designed locomotive is therefore pulling the first freight train. Its message will push SBB Cargo International’s demands to make sure a ‘Rastatt situation’ will not happen again.

This case is a perfect example of the Railcolor Formula, our method for promotion for which we combine Railcolor Design and Railcolor News, our media partner website. We design the locomotive, resulting in offline visibility, and we bring it in the news, for considerable online coverage. A win-win!

MRCE > SBB Cargo International ES 64 F4-290 ‘AusgeRastatt!’ on 02.10.2017 at Köln-Mülheim – Photo: Benedikt Bast
MRCE > SBB Cargo International ES 64 F4-290 ‘AusgeRastatt!’ on 02.10.2017 at Köln-Eifeltor – Photo: Benedikt Bast

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